What Holds You Down


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released September 1, 2016

The Drip Effect is:
Oscar Ramirez: Guitar/Lead Vocals
Josh Hamilton: Lead Guitar/Vocals
Kyle Seiler: Bass
Andrew Dery: Studio Drums
Joseph Howard: Live Drums

Produced/ Engineered/ and Co-written By:
Daniel Colombo

Additional Vocals-
Jay Slim: "White Lines"
Rachel Schmidt: "Irreversible"
Justin Gianoutsos: "Ghost Medicine"
Chris Prano: "Ghost Medicine" (Whispers)

All Lyrics by Oscar Ramirez

Additional Lyrics:
Josh Hamilton: "Diorama","War Drums","White Lines"
Jay Slim: "White Lines"
Justin Gianoutsos: "Ghost Medicine"

Recorded at Iceman Studios
(Royal Palm Beach, FL)

Booking: Thedripband@gmail.com
Album Cover: William Harper

Copyright 2016



all rights reserved


THE DRIP EFFECT West Palm Beach, Florida

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Track Name: Gulf of Alaska
I can’t be seen with you, I can’t exist with you.
Pin me up against the wall
because I am never coming back, this time.
It never stops raining, with you.
I can’t believe in you.
There’s nothing quite like something unknown.
So pin me up against the wall
because we’re never going back in time.
So pin me up against the wall
because we’re slowly running out of time.
Looking back, aren’t you glad
that everything changed about me?
Are you sad or are you mad
that everything changed about me?
Track Name: Diorama
Sit back, enjoy the year, you didn’t make yourself clear. You wish me well but you were orally occupied.
Sticking it out, but I am sticking it out, and you were afraid of sticking it out.
This is the first time that everything makes sense, and you were afraid.
Things never change; you’ll stay in the same place, as long as you’re not alone.
Now you’re back again, with that common thought in your brain.
We’ll build it up, just to tear it all down.
Can’t you see the ashes from all the bridges that you leave behind?
Can’t you see the ugliness? Things never change stuck in the same place, you’ll beg before you’re alone.
Track Name: War Drums
Watch as they come from far. Sharp sticks and knives with war drums beating sound.
You crawl around from collapse. You turn your faith unto the falling stars.
On the subject of death, you should just turn around. Someday, true hope will find you.
Today, blind faith will fail you. The stairway that lies ahead leads straight underground.
Reach out and feel the earth, Recoil and sleep to become part of it.
This time you’ll show them you’re worth.
This time you’ll show them what’s worth fighting for

You just sit in your car, reflecting where you went wrong.
You could gauge out your eyes, just to tune the lights out.
You could turn things around, if only you had more time.
But you just sit in your car, with the radio on.
Track Name: White Li(n)es
I slipped away for some time, and I’ll drink away all my thoughts.
I stood you up one last time, but I see the world from the top.
Back to the cave, where I am from. I am glad you came, proxy lust.
I am sick of all you’re white lies. I’ll burn away as you watch.
(White lines)
Sever the ties for the sake of sanity. (I am best left alone)
Carry the lies, whatever the cost. (Repulse or make the grade, you see me just the same)
You’ll come around; you’ll see it my way. (I’m sick to the world)
I’ll fuck around and do it all again. (You take the cure and I’ll dissolve, content and self assured)
You take the high road, I’ll take the low, the better man stays the lane.
We all live and die inside the white lines.
Track Name: Irreversible
Sharp as blade, when I know I have it all.
My thirst will make it dull again.
The boulevard is like quicksand to my feet.
No root or branch to hold ascend.
Why don’t you tell me why I am lost?
Track Name: If the Fall Doesn't Kill You
Here you are making all this noise, as it falls on deaf ears.
If only they could listen, it would rid them of their fears.
Pull the curtains back, even if it’s just a little bit.
The smallest ray of light is enough to guide you far away from here.
This is not the highest drop; it’s just a traffic stop.
Wait until you’re heart stops beating.
Wait until the beating.
Track Name: Here For You
We are alone
as you stare at the phone,
so desperate as usual.
Repeat, are you standing in the dark of the wrong side, Love?
Barely breathing
Barely believing
In that monster
The Police are here for you
Waiting for you
But the siren passes through.
The Police are here for you
Calling for you
Deep inside I always knew that the terror was in you.
Silent again, now we’re fighting again.
Track Name: Ghost Medicine
You smiled and waved
The day that you rolled on through
They burn a candle light for you.
You left to forget
You left to escape their views
You left but forget it’s all the same everywhere
You live in a box
You live where your friends don’t talk
You leave but forget it’s all the same anywhere

A disconnection from the outside world
Yet you still paint yourself with the same old colors
You’re running circles in your beautiful mind
But you’re still planted in the ground

Searching the stars
Hoping it’s out there
Please Help me find
Someone out there

Is someone out there?
Track Name: Feels Like Home
Sitting at a crossroads
Should I stay or do I go
Do I roam the mountains?
Or do I bask the glow at home

Feels like Tomorrow
Would be a happy song
Feels like tomorrow
It feels like something’s wrong

Living in the city
I’ve been trapped here for too long
So I sit here waiting till it eats me fucking whole

I’ve breathed this air for way too long
I’ve begged myself for way too long
Feels like there’s something wrong
Track Name: A Better Yesterday
I don’t know how you felt
I never had your moves
I think I left them back in some other country
I wonder where you are
Reaching outer space
Hoping that the world will let you be
So maybe I just need find some shade
Forget about the emptiness in me
And maybe you, just had to let it go
Not everybody needs their roots to grow

I am thinking of a white yesterday
With you
So if you live to dream than go to….

The past is just a tale we seem to tell ourselves
The future is a dream we wish to feel
No one really cares
The whole thing was a ride
And I will always save your spot in line
So maybe I just need to get clean
The only thing that holds me down is me
And maybe you just need to feel the weight of the world

I am thinking of a white yesterday
With you
So if you live to dream just go to sleep